Terramac® Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

Bobcat of Evansville carries the Terramac RT9, RT14 and new RT14R crawler carrier units to serve a variety of industries including pipeline, utility, general construction, environmental and mining. The crawler carriers will be available for sale and in our rental department at all of our locations.

Terramac®, LLC is a manufacturer of rubber track crawler carriers with a focus on increased versatility and easy maintenance. After years of analyzing end user observations we set forth to become the world’s leading choice for quality crawler carriers. Since the beginning, our mission has remained - to change the way industries look at rubber tracked vehicles through product innovation, performance and customer satisfaction.

Full-Line Specs and Rental Rates

Terramac® RT9 Crawler Carrier

Terramac® RT9


The Terramac® RT9 was the first crawler carrier to be designed and released by Terramac® LLC, and it rapidly took off as the best carrier in its class for its unsurpassed versatility. Contractors in drilling, pipeline, utilities and general construction now rely on the Terramac® RT9 for its enhanced customization options and key features which include:

• 18,000 lb. carrying capacity and a non-permitted load for ease of transport
• Easy front and rear bolt-on attachments for mounting a variety of equipment including: cranes, drills, water tanks, spray booms, fuel tanks, welding units, personnel carrier, straw blower, bark blower, hydroseeder, digger derricks, fifth wheels, lineman winches and more.
• Rollover protective structures (ROPS) and falling object protective structures (FOPS) components.
• CE certified products reflecting commitment to safety, quality and global commerce.

When it comes to purchasing a crawler carrier, we understand your priorities and have created a product that will not only exceed your expectations, but exceed industry standards as well.

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Terramac® RT14R Crawler Carrier


The RT14R crawler carrier is designed to conquer the most sensitive and confined jobsites with a complete 360 degree rotation. The RT14R can offload materials at any angle and on the go for increased efficiency. The full rotation also allows operators to travel in a forward facing position which reduces fatigue and increases safety. The rugged upper frame of the RT14R provides a 28,000 lb. carrying capacity to haul the heaviest loads while reducing wear on the tracks and ground. Enjoy more efficiency from fast cycle times, and deliver precision like never before.

• 360 degree rotation
• 28,000 lb. carrying capacity
• Tier 4 engine


Terramac® RT14 Crawler Carrier

Terramac® RT14 Crawler Carrier


The Terramac® RT14 is the latest model crawler carrier to be released from Terramac®, and features a heavy duty carrying capacity of 28,000 lbs. with 2 speed hydrostatic transmission for increased power which surpasses its competitors. Following our same brand principles, Terramac® developed this larger sized RT14 model to accommodate industry requests for a bigger unit with more technological advancements. We continue to produce our crawler carriers in North America, use rollover protective structures (ROPS), falling objects structures (FOPS) components, all CE certified products, and are pleased to be adding even more enhanced features to the Terramac® RT14 such as:

• Standardized rock bed for increased durability or flat bed for oversized hauling capacity.
• Parker MD4 engine monitoring system for complete access and control to unit functions.
• Joystick with dump controls for enhanced maneuverability.

The Terramac® RT14 crawler carrier has been built with the same versatility and customization options as our mid-sized RT9 carrier so we have no doubt the RT14 model will continue to uphold Terramac’s reputation of providing the world with the most innovative crawler carriers.








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