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Doosan Wheel Loaders

Doosan wheel loaders meet the toughest requirements - yours. Whether you need to move a small pile or a mountain of material, there's a Doosan machine that's right for your job.

Designed to scoop, carry, and load material, Doosan wheel loaders face a wide range of material handling tasks—from loading and transporting granular material (such as sand and gravel) in construction and municipal operations to industrial, mining and quarrying applications.

Each model offers outstanding comfort features, superior lift height and lift capacity and enough traction to penetrate hard materials. Plus, two tool carrier options provide added versatility with seamless attachment capabilities.


Doosan DL200-5 Wheel Loader

Operating Weight: 25,794 lbs
Dump Height: 9'
Width: 8' 4"
Length: 23' 4"
Bucket Capacity: 2.6 yd
HP, SAE Net: 142.1 hp @ 2,200 rpm


Doosan DL220-5 Wheel Loader

Operating Weight: 27,381 lbs
Dump Height: 9' 3"
Width: 8' 4"
Length: 24' 5"
Bucket Capacity: 3 yd
HP, SAE Net: 159.6 hp @ 2,100 rpm


Doosan DL250-5 Wheel Loader

Operating Weight: 30,115 lbs
Dump Height: 9' 2"
Width: 8' 11"
Length: 24' 6"
Bucket Capacity: 3.27 yd
HP, SAE Net: 171.7 hp @ 2,100 rpm


Operating Weight: 41,645 lbs
Dump Height: 9' 4"
Width: 9' 6"
Length: 26' 6"
Bucket Capacity: 4.19 yd
HP, SAE Net: 270.9 hp @ 1,800 rpm


Operating Weight: 50,783 lbs
Dump Height: 10' 1"
Width: 10' 8"
Length: 28' 7"
Bucket Capacity: 5.49 yd
HP, SAE Net: 344.6 hp @ 1,800 rpm


Operating Weight: 56,868 lbs
Dump Height: 10' 7"
Width: 10' 10"
Length: 30' 0"
Bucket Capacity: 6.28 yd
HP, SAE Net: 344.6 hp @ 1,800 rpm


Operating Weight: 68,343 lbs
Dump Height: 11' 2"
Width: 11' 2"
Length: 31' 9"
Bucket Capacity: 7.46 yd
HP, SAE Net: 379.5 hp @ 1,800 rpm